Frequently Asked Questions

Is there wifi at the lodge?
There are two wifi hotspots which can be used free of charge. One is located at the reception (Camelthorn building), and the other is at the bar in the Oasis building.

Due to the remote location of the lodge, the connection stability may vary. Normally, the connection is good enough for e-mail, WhatsApp, and social media. Services that require a lot of data (like video streaming) are not possible.

How is the parking area?
Your vehicle(s) can easily be parked on our property and is free of charge.

What are the prices for the rooms?
The prices of the lodge can be founded when booking at our reservation office, Resdest by sending an email to or at our booking page. The prices of the rooms vary depending on the type of room, Camelthorn or Oasis. There are also two open-air rooms, located on top of the two round towers at the oasis building. These can be booked as an add-on while staying at the resort.

When booking, a choice can be made between Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, or Full-board.

What are the prices for children?
Room prices
• Children until the age of 5 are free of charge.
• Children between the age of 6 and 12 are charged half price.
The extra beds will be placed in the room.
There is a maximum of 4 persons per room, with a maximum of two adults and two children.

Activities / excursions
When children take a seat, the standard prices apply.

How do I book spa treatments?
Spa treatments can only be booked at the reception during your stay. A Pricelist is shown at the desk of the reception, in the rooms and at the spa.

Booking in advance is only required for big groups (10+ persons) at our travel agent via Resdest, or by contacting Resdest direct:

How do I book activities/excursions?
Activities can be booked during your stay and beforehand at our reservation office, Resdest by email or at our booking page.

For some special activities, the prices are on request. These can be booked by contacting Resdest or during your stay. These prices have to be paid on the day of the excursion itself, or in advance when booking at resdest.

To ensure availability, we recommend booking guided trips & quad bike tours in advance.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed.

Is there a laundry service?
There is a laundry bag in the room. The clean clothes are returned the next day. The prices for each piece of clothing is found in the laundry form.

What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in: 14:00 – 18:00
Checkout: 09:00 – 10:00

If you need to check-in later, of check-out earlier, please let us know in advance.

If you cannot find the right answer to your question. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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