Sossusvlei Drive:

Tour through the sossus to the dead vlei

Sossusvlei / Sesriem

At only 21km from Le Mirage Desert Lodge and Spa, you will find one of the main attractions of Namibia: Sossusvlei!
The entrance to Sossusvlei is in Sesriem, from the gate a 60km tarred road takes you in the National Park, along the way you will see some of the worlds highest dunes, even some petrified dunes, and the Sesriem Canyon. Drive on your own, or join a guided drive from the Lodge.

Dune 45

Only a few kilometers before the end of the road you will find Dune 45, one of the more accessible dunes in Sossuvlei.
You are free to climb this dune, it is not an easy task, but the view from the top will make it worth your while. Don’t forget to wear closed shoes and take enough water before to commence this journey!

4 x 4 Part

Once you’ve arrived at the end of the tarred road, you can only continue with a good 4×4 car or use one of the shuttles available!

If you feel adventures enough the 5km 4×4 route is real fun to drive yourself. Follow the tracks of the other cars, and this will take you to the Dead Vlei Parking.

From there you must walk about 1,1km over the dunes to reach Dead Vlei, again, take enough water and try to do this early morning or late afternoon as temperatures can reach some very high peaks around midday.

Dead Vlei

The Dead Vlei is probably one of the most magical places in the world. This pan used the be a lake that dried out hundreds of years ago.

Sesriem Canyon

The Tsauchab river carves the canyon in the local sedimentary rock. It is about a kilometer (0.6 miles) long and up to 30 meters (100 feet) deep. The canyon is located close to the Sesriem gate. This makes it a nice extra to visit after coming back from the Sossus trip.

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The Accommodation

Le Mirage Resort & Spa is one of the most unique establishments in the Sossusvlei area. The lodge is situated at 21 km from the Sesriem gate to Sossusvlei. This makes it one of the lodges closest to the Sossusvlei and the ideal place to stay when you want to visit the highest dunes in the world!


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