Onze Spa: De combinatie van Wellness en Wildlife

Privacy en een magisch uitzicht

In onze Spa bieden wij onze gasten de mogelijkheid om zichzelf weer even helemaal op te laden en te ontdoen van stress. We beschikken over diverse ruimtes en een Jacuzzi.

Massage Behandelkamers

Op onze massage behandelkaart vind je populaire massages zoals een rug- en nekmassage of een voet massage. Daarnaast bieden we hot-stone, ancient Thai massage, body wraps, scrubs en nog veel meer. Bekijk al onze massages.

Jacuzzi en Zwembad

Koel af in het verfrissende zwembad of ontspan in de jacuzzi.


Een geweldige ervaring met je partner of reisgenoot.


Neem een ontspannende voetmassage in de spa of bij het zwembad. Stimuleert de spieren en vermindert stijfheid in uw voeten.


Enjoy a massage that will invite you to complete relaxation by combining gentle touch with aroma oils. Relax completely in body, soul and distress your mind.

Be touched to the core of your bone. The muscles get conditioned to function as a single unit again. Deep tissue massage is often painful but rewarding, even days later.

Hot stone is relaxing massage by means of using heated stones. The heat of the stones will completely relax your tired and stressed muscles by increasing proper blood circulation.

Have a choice of which areas you would like to be concentrated on. The front and the back side of the legs or a back massage, neck and shoulder massage.

Ancient Massage is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body, and originates from the time of the Buddha. Even though the masseur seemingly works on only the body, the achievement of interaction between body, speech (energy), and mind (heart) make Ancient Massage a complete experience.

This massage has the ability to relax your tired, hardworking feet. After the massage and your foot soak to unwind your body and mine by means of bubbles and salts.

Experience the Namib Desert Dune Sand, by having your body rubbed with our homemade dune sand scrap. The scrap will energise your body and leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. Complete this treatment by relaxing in a warm aroma bath to experience the full effects of the treatment.

Exfoliation of your body , using oil infused salt the ancient method of removing dead skin cells .Enjoy a soak in an aroma oil bath ,after a relaxing soak you will be wrapped in coconut wraps. This treatment will rejuvenate your skin and your senses, leaving you completely relax.

Come and enjoy complete exfoliation of the body by using salt and body brushes, a rejuvenating soak in a salt bath and relaxing full body massage.

Balance your Chakras with the sound of music through copper bowls place on your body. The vibrations of the bowls will harmonise and realign your whole being. This treatment will leave you in a state of complete bliss.


Salt – the word for healing and one of the oldest remedies. Let the water and salt, at body temperature cleanse you, removing toxins and waste products from your body. This will leave you feeling balanced and revitalized.

The essence of aroma immersed in water that is just the right temperature will relax you and give a sense of tranquillity.


Lie down, relax and get pampered for an hour. This facial includes a deep cleansing of the pores, shaping of the eyebrows, an exquisite massage and a deep moisturizing mask.

Give your hands the attention they deserve. This manicure includes filing, a cuticle treatment. Spoil them to an hour of care and love.

Your feet works hard for you. Give them something back. This treatment includes a foot exfoliation, cutting and filing of the toenails, removing cuticles, getting rid of the dry skin under your feet and a heavenly foot massage.


Reserveringen voor een van onze spa behandelingen kunnen tijdens uw verblijf bij de receptie worden gemaakt.